Phifer Pavitt Eco-Barn Tour & Tasting

Enjoy this tasting of four current release wines, featuring Phifer Pavitt “Date Night” and “Switchback Ridge”. During this experience, guests will get an intimate look at the Phifer Pavitt property, as well as the rich history of the barn’s reconstruction and the eco-friendly approach taken to preserve it. A small chocolate and cheese pairing will be included in the experience

The Phifer Pavitt Story
This is the story of city boy meets country girl. What you may not know is that every country girl who has ever successfully worked her way out of the country life has worked exponentially harder than any city boy could imagine. What you probably already know is that every idealistic city boy has absolutely   no clue as to just how challenging country life can be. Sounded like a great idea to Shane, who grew up in the town of postage stamp lots, Manhattan Beach, CA. Move to the country, breathe some fresh air and sloooow down. Scared the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of Suzanne. Move away from the city (you gotta be kidding me!); hour plus drive from any reasonable shopping; holy smokes she was closer than that growing up in rural Ringgold, GA.

Every big decision we ever made together was on our once a week, “Date Night”. The should-I-take-that-job decision happened on Date Night. The let’s-make-babies’ decision happened on Date Night. And the decision to put an offer on what would become the Phifer Pavitt property happened on Date Night. From our perspective, every decision we made together on Date Night gave us results that exceeded our expectations. So, it should come as no surprise that the decision to make Phifer Pavitt Date Night Wine happened on Date Night. We fully believe that the enjoyment of the night led us to making the best decision.

Price: $105 per person
Duration: 60-75 minutes

Requirements & Conditions:

  • 48-hour notice for bookings & cancellations
  • Wednesday-Sunday, 10.00 AM, 12:00 PM or 2:00PM
  • By appointment only
  • Maximum group size of 8

4660 Silverado Trail
Calistoga California 94515