How To Create The Perfect Summer Cheese Board Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family and enjoy a beautiful evening outdoors. Nothing seems to compliment these intimate gatherings quite as well as a flavorsome cheese board accompanied by the perfect summer wine. But with the selection of wines and cheeses reaching a staggering number, creating the perfect cheese board can seem a bit overwhelming. We have narrowed down some of the most popular summer wines and delicious cheeses that go perfectly together, making your job as host/hostess a breeze.

Pinot Grigio

  • Cheeses:  This light yet dry wine pairs well with milder cheeses. Look for a sweet and salty Gruyere, a Monterey Jack, or a hard cow’s cheese such as Mimolette.
  • Extra Bites: Add some crackers and fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, and pears to round out your cheese board.


  • Cheeses: Whether you are serving a dry, slightly acidy rosé or a creamy, sweet rosé these wines pair well with full-flavored cheeses. Look for soft, tangy cheeses such as goat, Feta, or Rocchetta.
  • Extra Bites: Add different flavor profiles to your cheese board by selecting plums, fresh melon, prosciutto, and a selection of olives.

Sauvignon Blanc

  • Cheeses:  This light wine is perfect for subtle cheese flavors such as Swiss, Gruyere, Asiago, and Mascarpone.
  • Extra Bites: Look for different textures to add to your cheese board. Almonds and walnuts lend a nice crunch while juicy raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries pair well with the creamy cheeses.


  • Cheeses: The bubbles in any sparkling wine pair perfectly with any creamy cheese. Try Brie, a soft ripened goat cheese like Humboldt Fog, or a buttery sheep’s cheese such as Manchego.
  • Extra Bites: Accompany your cheeses with a sharp prosciutto, fresh berries, crisp apple slices, honey, or sweet preserves.


  • Cheeses: This sweet and acidic wine pairs well with cheeses that have a powerful flavor. Look for a strong blue cheese, an aged Gouda, sharp cheddar, or a Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • Extra Bites: Add some table water crackers, apple slices, juicy pears, and crunchy nuts to give your cheese board the finishing touch.

Chenin Blanc

  • Cheeses: This light bodied wine is versatile and stands up to a wide range of cheeses. Try an array of cheeses such as a triple cream Brie, cream cheese, mild cheddar, or an herb crusted goat cheese.
  • Extra Bites: These can be as versatile as your cheese selection. Try dates, honeydew melon, prosciutto, a sweet chutney, and a crusty bread.

We would love to see your summer cheese board creations and hear some of your personal favorite cheese and wine pairings! Be sure to tag us on Instagram at @LeadingWineries or on our Facebook page Leading Wineries of Napa.