Storing your bottles of wine during the hot, sticky summer months can be a tricky business.  When the temperature rises so does the risk of your wine aging too quickly and becoming unsavory. So what’s a wine lover to do with all those extra bottles lying around in a steamy house or apartment?

WineStoringTipsWe came across an article from Food & Wine that offers some tips and tricks to helping your bottles of wine survive the rising temperatures during the summer. Here are some of their suggestions that we think will be extremely useful.

  1. If you plan on enjoying your bottle immediately (i.e. a few days to a week) it doesn’t require special storing in a warmer than normal environment.
  2. Natural wine is more vulnerable to going bad when exposed to high temps. Food & Wine suggest sticking it in the regular fridge and taking it out an hour before serving.
  3. For long-term storage they say, “Treat your bottles like full-shade plants.” Find the coolest spot in your home; keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from windows.
  4. If certain bottles are of particular concern to you, free up space in your refrigerator and be sure to drink them within a month or so.
  5. Do not keep wine on the top of your refrigerator. The top of the fridge is the hottest place to store bottles of wine due to heat rising from the coils. According to the article “If you’re keeping them there, you’re basically cooking them over-medium.”

We hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to storing your bottles of wine this summer!

You can find the entire Food & Wine article here: